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What services do you provide?

We offer a comprehensive set of IT services including new IT Support, Sales, Repairs, Custom Builds, Home & Office Networking,  Web & Email Security, Virus Removal, Data Backup , IT Managed Services, Digital Marketing Consulting and Advisory, but if there something specific that we have not listed please get in touch and we can definitely help you.  

Are there services you don’t offer?

Arcoo provides a comprehensive set of IT services however we are not equipped to carry out any electrical work. For any such matters we recommend getting in contact with your local electrician.

What if I really don’t know what the problem is?

 If you are unsure or not confident of fixing your issue please get in contact with us. We will review your system and recommend the best solution for you.

Can I get help outside business hours on the weekend or public holidays?

 We cannot guarantee same day service however we work on an appointment basis including weekdays, evenings, Saturdays and public holidays. We offer competitive pricing and always do our best to provide the fastest response when fixing your problems.

Do you sell New Computers?

 Yes. You can purchase desktops or laptops from us at competitive prices and also purchase any other computer accessories that you may require. We are also happy to install and support hardware purchased from your preferred retailer. Please note that while we can support and repair all Apple products we do not sell them we only sell PC based hardware.

Do you offer computer training?

 Arcoo provides various levels of advisory and consulting and can also provide training where required. Although this is not a formal training course we will be able to help you learn about any particular topic area you may have related to computers or IT in general. We would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

What about protecting the data on my PC or MAC?

 There is no way to guarantee that data will never be lost as any sort of technical work comes with a risk of potentially losing data. Given this we always recommend that you backup all your data before you arrive. We can also offer a backup service if you require it.

My computer won't turn on?

Ensure that your power cable and adapter are properly connected to your PC and wall plug. If so and there is still no response, please give us a call.

My computer crashes and freezes, why is this happening?

This may occur due to several factors ranging from insufficient updates to poor maintenance and even malware or virus infections slowing the computer down. If you have any concerns or questions please give us a call. We can also arrange to do a full health check and system review for your computer should it need it.

What if my computer is broken and cant be fixed?

 If your machine is in a state beyond repair than the better choice of investment would be to buy a new one instead of paying for a repair. If this is indeed the case we will back up your data and configure your new machine and data for you.


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