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Internet & Email Setup 

If your installing a new modem/router/NBN or need help with setting up your network and email just give us a call and we can arrange some time to get it sorted in no time.


Arcoo offers its IT Support and Managed Services to set-up various types of internet connections and networks from an office point of view. We can assist in setting up any type of connection including ADSL/2, Broadband, Wireless 3G/4G and NBN.


Email configurations can vary by device. Arcoo offers all sort of email configurations from Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Apple Mail and even your personal or custom company domain emails. If you are using email client programs such as Microsoft Outlook, or Windows Live that needs POP3 or SMTP configurations, you are on the right place as we will also have you covered. We can help you solve common internet and email problems like the below:

  • Set up and troubleshoot broadband Internet and network.
  • Set up and troubleshoot secured wireless network.
  • Set up and troubleshoot emails.
  • Set up and troubleshoot wired or wireless network printers.
  • Fix intermittent Internet problems, wireless dropping out problems.
  • Help to set up remote access so that you can work remotely.
  • Install wireless modem routers, access points, network switches.
  • Extend your wireless network coverage.

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